Accounts Receivable

After all the hard work of purchasing and selling inventory, it would be nice to actually get paid. The Accounts Receivable form handles the payments and adjustments (in case your clerks aren’t perfect) to the customer accounts.


Dealing with the Customer…Financially

Managing the financial relationship with your customers calls for a whole new level of interaction.

You want to be insistent without being pushy. You want to handle disagreements and errors with diplomacy. This calls for accurate information and easy solutions.

AMBITious POS understands that sometimes clerks charge to the wrong account or subaccount. Items get returned.

Charges need forgiven. Invoices and Statements need reprinted. These are not problems, just easy to use features.

Features Include

  • Automatic (oldest to newest) or manual allocation of payments – per customer
  • Move an errant invoice or payment to the correct account or subaccount
  • Void transactions
  • Hide net zero transactions which have not yet been statemented (voided and moved transactions automatically hide) from the next statement to reduce confusion for the customers (and phone calls to you)
  • View the complete history of an account
  • View Balances of outstanding items
  • View or reprint statements
  • View or print a live statement (current charges)
  • Track Invoices/Service charges paid for each payment
  • View activity for a customer or for a specific subaccount
  • Process adjustments