Reporting is the art of answering questions. Transforming data into information. How much money did I make? How much do I owe in taxes? Who is my most profitable customer? Ambitious POS provides reports that answer your questions.

Asking Questions

  • Reporting questions fall into a few groups
  • Regular Information (dialy sales, balancing drawers…)
  • Business Improvement Information (most profitable customers, inventory valuation…)
  • Problems (“Why is the GPM on Thursday so low?”)

To answer the questions that are being asked, AMBITious POS offers several groups of reports (sales, accounting, inventory…) to make it easy to find the correct report. These reports can be viewed, printed, or saved to several different formats. To help in answering questions, drill-down is provided for most of the reports to allow you to see more detailed information without having to write down the information and enter it in the filters so you can run another report.


  • Print, View, or Save reports
  • Save to PDF, HTML, Text, or Excel.
  • One click drill-down to more detailed information
  • Each page contains information about the report that generated it so you don’t wonder where the page came from.
  • Reports have a date and time stamp and if appropriate, contain the date range and selection criteria for the data
  • Filters are available to limit the report to the range of data being investigated