Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange makes it easy to transfer information with your vendor. Whether it is sending a PO or receiving an order that was generated through an external device, AMBITious POS handles the data provided by your vendor.


You Are In Control

Information may be transferred electronically to and from vendors who support EDI. Generally, this includes sending PO’s, receiving Invoices and catalog informtaion (sales, price changes…). This information in imported into the system and is used to update current information. If a vendor changes cost or price, the changes will not be changed in your system until you approve the changes. This gives you full control over your system and still makes it easy to use the vendor’s information. When costs change, they are reflected in adjustments to inventory calue which is sent to the accounting system. This properly accounts for cost changes through the year and prevent them from being included in year-end inventory adjustments.

Features Include

  • Vender Specific EDI
  • Selection of data to transfer
  • User approval required before changing standard cost
  • Vendor Invoice Number is attached to the Purchase Order