Sales Orders

Sales Orders are a commitment to purchase by the customer. This can be a customer committing to a bid or placing a special order. Sales orders may include a deposit from the customer, which applied to their invoice when the last item is delivered. A Sales Order may be delivered together or in a series of deliveries.


Convenience Features

  • Special Orders (items out of stock) can create a new Purchase Order or be added to an existing Purchase Order
  • Special Orders can easily be imported into one or multiple Invoices
  • Special Orders can be imported into one or several Invoices
  • Deposits are applied to the invoice on the last items (deposit is not applied until the remaining amount has been paid)
  • Bids can be easily imported into one or multiple Sales Orders
  • When a special item is received, the Purchase Order clerk is notified and a tag may be printed and attached to the item including the customer and Sales Order information
  • Function keys may be configured based on the common activities at the workstation
  • Sales Orders may be e-mailed to the customer