Bids / Quotes

A bid is an offer to sell. Bids can be as simple as the price for a few pieces of lumber, or as involved as building a house. AMBITious POS allows you to enter bids and easily progress to a Sales Order or an invoice. As you develop a competitive bid, you can monitor your margin for each item without having to change screens or press buttons.

Serving the Customer

The Bids screen allows you to present the cost of a project to a custmer without having to do manual calulations. Bids can be converted to Invoices by a clerk at the Point of Sale form when the customer purchases the items. Bids can be converted to invoices incrementally, allowing the customer to pick up items as needed without a lot of manual effort for the clerk. Bids can also be used to give a customer short-term special pricing. If a good customer has a special project, you can create a bid with special prices for a fixed period of time. The customer gets the better prices until the bid expires and then they return to their regular pricing. Clerks don’t need to hunt you down to verify the price the customer is claiming – it’s automatic.

Convenience Features

  • Price includes all relevant discounts (quantity discount, sale event, contractor discount…)
  • Changes to price are clearly displayed
  • View pricing structure for the item (see the contractor and other discount prices) to help determine the appropriate price for this project
  • Display profit (GPM & dollars) for each line item. Apply discount to complete bid (allocated to each line item)
  • Adjust bid to a final price (discount allocated to each line item)
  • Bid price can apply to any purchase by the customer, or only when the specific bid is applied
  • Bids can be subaccount specific
  • Each bid can have a unique Mailing and Shipping address (bids can be created in the Retail Customer account without having to create a new account for each customer requesting a bid)
  • Bids have expiration dates
  • Notes are available to provide information about the bid or delivery information
  • Bids can be e-mailed to the customer