Inventory Control

Inventory is where the money is made. Accurate and current inventory information is critical to making a profit. Keeping this information current can be a monumental task. AMBITious POS provides tools to help with accuracy and profitablility.

Turning a Profit

Inventory is the heart of the system. The details of pricing, discounts, purchasing, and valuations come together in this form. Multiple Units of Measure (unlimited) are supported and when the cost changes in one UOM, you are given the option of changing the other UOMs based on percent change or acutal amount change. Retail pricing can be set relative to the cost, which avoids problems of selling below cost. The system never adjusts the standard cost or retail price (selling price) without permission – no surprises.

Inventory Accuracy

  • Inventory Count Sheets can be printed for location, department or sub department to check inventory
  • Inventory Audit form quickly displays items with potential problems (Cost or price = $0.00, Cost greater than price, Quantity on Hand less then 0…) so you don’t have to hunt through mountains of data – or discover the problem after a sale
  • At Point of Sale, Bids, Sales Orders any items with quantity less than or equal to zero are highlighted in red
  • At Point of Sale, if margins are displayed, items with margins outside the defined margins for the department are highlighted in yellow and items sold at a loss are highlighted in red
Inventory Features

  • Specify default units of measure for purchasing, inventory and sales
  • Relative Cost – Link all 2″x4″ lumber so cost change at one length is reflected at all lengths (board foot price does not need to be the same for all lengths)
  • Kits can be created. Kits may be pre-assembled or listed on an invoice/pick ticket to be pulled at time of purchase
  • When the components of a kit change sot, the cose of the kit changes also (if the kit is based on cost, the price will also be updated)
  • Price Level discounts can be set to use the standard department price level discount for an item (so items with unusually low margins don’t get sold at a loss)
  • Notes may be added. Both notes that pring on the invoice (return policy, usage information…) and non-printing reference notes
  • Items can be set to specify purchaser qualifications (over 18, permit required…) and optionally require a signature at purchase
  • Serialized inventory is supported
  • Reorder points can be set using Min/Max or Usage to replenish based on sales for a given period
  • Changes in quantity are logged with the clerk performing the adjustment and the reason why they are making the change – complete audit trail
  • Multiple UPCs can be entered for each item to handle multiple vendors or shortcuts to be used by the clerks
  • Bin tags and price labels can be printed