Keeping and using good customer information helps you meet the needs of your customer without continual attention. Tracking statement preferences, terms and contact information helps free up time to take care of your customers.

Dealing with Customers Your (and Their) Way

Customers are wonderful, challenging and frustrating. They always pay on time, never pay on time, and sometimes refuse to pay late fees. By setting up customer based on your business rules and your specific relationship with customers, the mundane issues can be handled by the system. This frees up your time to deal with matters that need your attention.

Statement Features

  • E-Mail statement
  • Summarize charges by subaccount
  • Print Activity and Past Due detail
  • Include retail price on Invoice summary
  • Include account aging
  • Optionally print invoices with statements
  • Cut-off receipt to return with their payment
  • Optional application of Service Charge (late fee)
  • Set statement groups to stagger statements through the month to even out work and cash flow
  • Service Charges may be added after a grace period
  • Service Charges are displayed for review before charging
General Features

  • Customer Specific terms (service charge, due date, discount for early payment)
  • Price Discount Levels (Retail, Contranctor, Plumber…)
  • Multiple Contacts and record interactions with contacts
  • E-Mail Invoices and Statements
  • Purchase Order numbers can be required at purchase
  • Specify the number of invoice copies printed at sale
  • Manage subaccounts
  • Subaccounts can have dufferent price levels and tax category
  • Specify authorized signers for invoices (signature with be captured and printed on invoices and statements)
  • Payments can be automatically (pay from oldest to newest) or manaully (pay specific invoices) allocated based on customer preferences
  • Statements are configurable with varifying amounts of detail and features by Customer
  • Notes can be entered to display to clerk at beginning or end of an invoice