Point of Sale Software

Ambitious Point of Sale Software

The System
We have a few simple goals for the AMBITious Point of Sale system:

  • Make it easy to use (clear screens, organized menu…)
  • Make is useful (after putting all the data in, actionable information should emerge)
  • Provide tools to help run the business, not just examine what happened
  • Provide real value for the customer
  • Make the software not an expense, but an investment with positive returns

In order to meet these requirements, it was necessary to limit the scope of the application. Although AMBITious Point of Sale Software (POS) will work as a general purpose point of sale (POS) system, it was designed to meet the needs of the Lumber, Hardware and Farm & Home stores. There are specific needs concerning vendors, multiple Units of Measure, fluctuating costs, competitors and sometimes small margins which need to be watched closely. In this environment, the clerk often needs information to make wise decisions or alert a supervisor when there is a potential problem. It is our goal that as the company you trust to process your business activities, you will be more profitable with us that you were without us.


AMBITious Point of Sale Software (POS) supports a variety of hardware. AMBITious Point of Sale Software (POS) has moderate requirements for the PC and supports bar code readers, cash slip printers, pole display units and small monitors for display. Equipment has been selected based on its reliability, performance and value.

Converting Existing Data

We will work to import your existing data into the AMBITious point of sale software (POS). Generally, we will be able to import your current system’s data by using the reports and importing them into our system. When we perform the conversion, we can also make changed to clean-up data or implement system wide adjustments which would be difficult and time consuming to perform manually.


Converting to a new Point of Sale system can be challenging. New software, new equipment, new support personnel…all come together at once. We send a PC / Networking expert on the installation. Not only an expert on the AMBITious Point of Sale Software (POS), they also have skills to take care of issues with your PC and network. We understand our software does not exist in a vacuum and that you may not have a computer expert on staff.

In addition to installing and configuring the system, we also spend time training your staff. Your staff will be handling counter sales within minutes. Accounting and Inventory personnel will be up and running quickly. This does not mean they will know everything in the system, or that they will remember everything they see. We understand the challenges in learning a new system. That is why when you call support to ask a question, we understand you may be asking about something that was covered in the installation process. We don’t mind refreshing your memory.


In using AMBITious POS, you will have questions on how to perform activities or ask about better ways to perform activities. We are available and anxious to help you learn to use AMBITious POS to meet the needs of your business.

If something goes wrong, errors are logged (without user interaction) in your system to provide information to help in diagnosing and correcting the problems. This allows us to regularly check for issues and correct them before most users have encountered the problem.


New features and updates are constantly being added. Updates are automatically downloaded to your server, then to your workstations without user intervention. A “What’s New” feature is included so you can check to see what has been changed. All updates are included as part of your support – you never pay for annual upgrade because you receive the features as they are added throughout the year.